about us ★CocoaStars★ ~Selling Japanese stickers for cards, letters, and diary~

My Shop ★CocoaStars★

My store sells a wide variety and high quality Japanese stickers and other products that are not available overseas.

Bringing stickers, stationery, key chains, and accessories from Japan to the world.

We opened our store on Etsy in June 2020 under the name "Cocoa Stars".

We are still selling our products on Etsy!
(Payment is by paypal only, and the number of products is limited, so shipping and products are a bit expensive.)

I hope you all enjoy the Japanese stationery.


The brands of stickers we sell are GAIA and Amifa, and the items we sell are mainly Sanrio products.

We sell a large variety and high-quality stickers that are not available in other countries.

We do our best to ship as quickly as possible.

As a seller myself, I love stickers very much!
I want to show the goodness of Japanese stickers to sticker lovers all over the world, and I want to connect with them.

The first time I started selling stickers was when I sent stickers to a friend living overseas for her birthday.

My friend was so impressed with the quality and cuteness of the stickers that she asked me to sell more of them.
At first, I sold only to my friends, but when I learned that there were many sticker lovers in the world, I decided to open a store.

I am happy to be surrounded by my favorite stickers, selling them, and connecting with sticker lovers all over the world!

This is why we rarely have sales.

We rarely have sales because we don't want to confuse our customers with sales.

We focus on a certain price that people who like stickers and Sanrio products can easily purchase at any time.

Of course, recurring profit is important, but we try to set prices that allow us to stay in business.

We also include children in our operations as a way of learning about society, but we will do our best to keep them involved.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!